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The potential of barn home living

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Barns are more than just for housing livestock and farm equipment. Since these structures are originally meant for large machinery and/or animals, you can expect that they will be expansive. If you are the kind who puts a high tab on wide-open indoor spaces, then transforming a barn into your own private living quarters is a great idea! All it takes is some creativity and imagination to bring
that idea to life.

Elements of barn home living

Before giving the green light to your barn transformation plans, first know the factors that make up an authentic barn home:

  • Rustic interiors – The wooden frame and supports provide the whole house with a rustic and vintage feel.
  • Open floor plan – Perhaps the most notable characteristic of barn homes is the expansive space within that’s barely hampered by walls.
  • Natural lighting – Barn-style homes fully embrace the concept of natural lighting. This is evident in the huge window panes and skylights that many converted barn homes have.
  • High ceilings – Due to its original use as a shelter for large animals or farm implements, barns are built with high ceilings. These are meant to provide better air circulation and more headroom for a more comfortable feel. High ceilings are good for human inhabitants, too, as these can contribute to the amount of natural light that flows into the building.

Transforming your barn into a home

  1. Keep the original architecture. A barn home is defined by its construction style. It doesn’t matter if you have a pole barn, a timber frame barn, or a post-and-beam barn, leaving the original barn structure intact will keep that rustic look and feel.
  2. Plan your layout carefully. Before you start working on your barn home, create a floor plan that will maximize all that space. This will save you a lot of time and money once you begin renovations.
  3. Insulate the barn. Since barn walls are rarely insulated, you will have to place insulation in between the interior and exterior walls.
  4. Strategically place your windows. Barns typically don’t come with many windows. That’s why it’s important to add extra windows to let more natural light come in and transform the barn into a brighter, more open space. The best window designs to use are minimalist rectangular windows and dormer windows.
  5. Add a modern touch. In repurposing your barn into a home, you can add a modern touch to its interiors and exteriors. With neutral decorations, concrete floors, and modern light fixtures, your barn home can exude a rustic-meets-modern feel.
  6. Install sliding barn doors – Nothing says barn home living like sliding barn doors. These types of doors are efficient, versatile, and functional. Moreover, they keep the barn-style look consistent throughout your home. Sliding barn doors don’t require the same floor space needed by regular swinging doors so you have even more space to use and move in.
  7. Consider a second level. Since most barns are vertical in nature, you can add a second level inside the existing building. This will give you more floor area to use as another bedroom, a home office, or a quiet nook.

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