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Remodeling ideas that add the most value to your home


Everyone wants to make their home more comfortable, but why not do so in a way that will add value? Should you want to sell in the future, you may stand to get more for your home because of your upgrades.

When people go looking for houses for sale in Athens, GA, they want to be wowed – but selectively. Factor this in advance of selling your home with the following remodeling tips.

Improve curb appeal

It may not be top of mind for you, but how your home looks from the outside is very important to home buyers. An exterior that looks well-maintained, with a well-paved driveway and a bit of professional landscaping can make the home more appealing, even before potential buyers step inside your home.

Update appliances

Appliances like refs and stoves are so ubiquitous, many of us pay them little mind. That is, until they start to malfunction or no longer serve our changing needs. Replacing them doesn’t mean you have to go for something top of the line, but it gives you the opportunity to choose models that will make your house feel more modern. Plus, newer appliances will be more energy efficient, saving the new homeowners money on their bills.

Update bathrooms

After the kitchen, bathrooms are the next thing buyers like to check out. Make sure everything is working the way it should. Replace anything that’s seen better days like faucets, showerheads, towel bars, caulking, lighting, or the vanity. They’ll make a world of difference, even if the old ones are still working fine.

Refinish wood floors

Everyone loves hardwood floors, but nobody likes maintaining them. It’s a given that, over time, hardwood will be scratched, scuffed, and damaged, and that they’ll require care to stay in good shape. If the floors are already in stellar condition when it comes time to sell, that’s one less thing a buyer will have to work on. That’s a huge plus to some.

Leave no room unfinished

While it’s true that some people look forward to a bit of home improvement when they move into a home, leaving all the heavy lifting to them can be a turn off. Even if it’s something as simple as adding more storage options, give every room a purpose that you can show off to potential buyers. And yes, this includes the basement, too.

Improve outdoor living space

Again, it’s important to make good use of space to improve functionality. In this case, adding a porch or deck is just as good as adding another room to a house. People look to outdoor spaces to help them relax when the weather is fine. A well-built porch can also add to a home’s curb appeal.

Update the kitchen

Aside from new appliances, a new backsplash, new countertops, or a paint job can breathe new life – and value – in a kitchen.

Remodeling is all about renewing. Even slight changes can make a major difference in a home’s appeal. Consider the above tips and how they fit into your budget when it comes time for you to sell.

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